The origin of meepShop stems from a very painful experience I had with a website outsource business. To learn more about this story of tears and heartbreak,please click here↓

I (CEO Jack) have many years' experience operating auction and access platforms. In 2009, I decided to create my own shopping website to give myself more planning autonomy.

After making many assessments and putting in a lot of hard work, I settled on using an outsource company. I thought everything would be okay and did not expect the many twists and turns to come.

I won't go through the whole process involved, but it was almost a year before the business was formally launched online.

The business went online in July 2010. After a few months, and just when I thought everything was running okay, a customer unexpectedly told me that it took him almost 1 minute to open a single webpage!

I immediately contacted the original outsource company. They had the nerve to tell me they had no idea how to solve the problems!? The reason was that their initial program structure did not foresee the size and speed of our data expansion.

After that, they tell me some incomprehensible techno-jargon. And so, on the cusp of success, my business was facing an explosion.

Luckily, I was already in touch at that time with my current partner Rian (meepShop CTO). It took him less than a day to sort out the problems!

(It dawned on me then what a huge difference having high program capacity and having low program capacity makes).

Of course, the bitter shell of experience also contains a sweet kernel inside. After our official website was established, our revenue grew twice as much as all our previous platforms put together.

The profits from our products also rose from 30% to 50%. Because of my previous experience, and because of my partnership with a person (Rian) with an unbelievable level of technical expertise,

we have decided to help the majority of shops cut out the bitterness and to help them enjoy the sweetness of success.

Even though there was an increasing number of high-speed platforms on the scene, none matched the standard we had envisioned.

We wanted a simple, relaxed, yet professional website which transcends the need for vast production costs.

Ultimately, meepShop aims to create a world-class shop-opening platform!
How come meepShop's LOGO is a golden egg?

It expresses our philosophy. We want to enable every shop that uses the meepShop platform to keep laying golden eggs :P

Let meepShop be the goose that lays golden eggs for you,

just like the goose in Jack and the Beanstalk.

Our Goal

Our goal is to create a live e-commerce platform that is easy to use, smart and good for value.

meepShop believes e-commerce should not be difficult at all. And so:

  • It has developed a unique meepShop APP Store, which allows shops to select their functions freely, and cuts out the costs associated with function development.

  • It uses a unique Drag & Drop technology which allows a webpage to be produced in just 30 seconds.

  • It enables automatic typesetting of pages on any interface, including mobiles, tablets and laptops.

We hope shop keepers look forward to learning what more meepShop can do for them!?

Of course, our aim from the start is to help your shop achieve success in EC.

Our Team

The make-up of our team is unique and exciting. CEO Jack has more than seven years' experience in e-commerce (in Taiwan).

CTO Rian is from Belgium and has more than 10 years' experience in program design (in Europe).

This puts meepShop one step ahead of other regular platforms. Regarding the composition of sales + technology, the vast majority of shop platforms tend to have one or the other, but seldom both at the same time. Yet, both elements are indispensable to EC.

Our e-commerce experience brings us close to what your shop needs. It allows us to develop practical and appropriate functions and to integrate EC experience into meepShop.

Our international program design experience makes the meepShop framework rigorous and future-ready. Any function we can imagine, we can find a way to achieve it, and we can make the world's latest technology and functions available to your shop ahead of time.

We do not share the profit-making priorities of other regular shop platforms. Our team loves to create and develop, and we are not content to stay put in the present EC scene. Our business relies on three principles—simplicity, wisdom and good value—to establish the ideal e-commerce platform.

服務電話: (02)2925-8922
服務時間: 週一~週五, AM10:00~12:00&PM14:00~17:00
台灣分公司地址: 新北市永和區中山路一段311號5樓
香港總公司地址: Room 2501 Car Po Commercial Building,
18 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong

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