Fee charging method

meepShop’s fee charging method calculates your fees monthly. It allows you to start up your exclusive shopping site at the lowest costs and adopt an appropriate plan based on your business operation later on.

The costs and time you save by using meepshop

A. Beginning website fees: website construction costs, website construction time and costs.

B. Fixed monthly fees: massive bandwidth traffic costs, server rental fees, server maintenance/management fees, firewall/anti-hacker/administrator costs, program staff costs and other hidden costs.

Plan calculation

● Shops can choose an appropriate plan based on their own needs.

● Plans can be changed once a month. The change takes place in the next month.

● When downsizing a plan, you must check the products and ensure other conditions are met: e.g. if the original plan can use 1000 products and the downsized plan limits the use to 100 products, you must first reduce the number of products to 100 or less.

Transaction fee calculation

● Choosing the STARTER or PRO plans will be charged a monthly transaction fees.

● Transaction fee is based on the monetary value of the orders (i.e. the customers’ payments) * %

● If the payment status shows a cancelled order, a transaction fee will not charge.

● The status of cancelled orders can be changed within 10 days. After 10 days, the system will be automatically changes the status to a completed order and calculates the transaction fee.

● As the transaction fee has a 10 day allowance period, the monthly invoice contains orders from the previous month and the current month.

● Every month the system generates an invoice which contains a detailed breakdown of the billing information.

APP calculation

● APP fees are calculated using a per month/per use method. The total APP usage cost for a given month is prescribed to be calculated on the 1st day of the following month.

● Each APP has its own fee amount and calculation method. Free APPs do not charge any

No monthly fees; introduce-a-friend discounts

● If you introduce a friend to join us as a fee-paying user, you will save yourself $120 in rent every month. You can save up to $600! (If you have on a $600 shop plan, it means you pay no monthly fee).

● If your friend continues to use the shop, you get to enjoy the discount every month.

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